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Customer Area Video Tutorials

Welcome to the Video Tutorial section of the Rusty Mango Design website. This area has been created especially for our clients to learn how to use the Customer Area plugin to create a private community on their website. The number of video tutorials here will increase over time as requests for tutorials are answered.

If you have any questions about how to run your site designed by Rusty Mango, please send them through to us and we will record customised tutorials to answer any problems you have.

Note: When watching the videos here, you can change the quality and size to suit your viewing requirements. This is done using the controls inside each video.


#1 Adding a New User
Running Time: 3.58min

This video tutorial covers how to add a new user to your “membership” group so they can login and access private content that regular site visitors cannot access. This functionality is added to WordPress with the WP Membership Area plugin.


#2 Adding Files/Pages for Individual Users
Running Time: 4.15min

In this tutorial, we look at how to create content pages and upload files for access by individual users. These pages/files are specific to logged-in members who have been tagged to allow access.


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