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Updating your own website

The first eBook, “Content Management – Updating your own website”, is the perfect companion for our video tutorials. The book details how to update, change and add to your website so that you can keep your content “fresh” – just the way Google likes it!

Using step-by-step tutorials with illustrated instructions, you will learn how to:

  • Edit existing content including images.
  • Create brand new pages and get them online.
  • Change your slideshows.
  • Add image galleries.
  • Insert and edit tables.
  • Modify the navigation menus.

Seven Days to Kickstart your Website

Our second eBook, “Seven Days to Kickstart your Website”, is for established site owners who want a “crash” course in giving their tired old site a “kick in the pants.” In this seven program, site owners are challenged to critically look at their website and determine what is needed to give them a real KICKSTART and implement those changes. Aspects in the course include:

  • Site access and appearance.
  • Content planning and value to customers.
  • Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation.
  • The Call to Action.
  • Client Perspectives.
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